voip billing hosted solutions Fully integrated FreeSWITCH™ billing platform for retail markets
Cyneric offers a Fully integrated voip billing solution customized to your business model.

Voip Billing Platform

What is your business model?

Quality of Service

Extensive traffic control and monitoring. Decrease the uncertainty in the quality of service you provide.



FreeSWITCH™ Integration

Cyneric´s Top 5 integration tips

  • Customer Authentication/Accounting

    Cyneric Platform can integrate with FreeSWITCH™

  • Routing

    Cyneric VoIP Platform enables automatic routing definition.

  • Voip Network – Quality of service

    Cyneric quality control Software, is Fully integrated to FreeSWITCH™ applications. With this tool, you will able to control you traffic in real time.

  • Calling Card Applications

    Cyneric Calling Card module, can be Fully integrated with FreeSWITCH™. From pin lot definition, to profits reports, the system will give you the flexibility you need.

  • Call Shop Applications

    Using Cyneric Voip Billing and FreeSWITCH™, you can have a complete call shops solution.

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