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Automatic Routing - LCR


Using FreeSWITCH and Cyneric VoIP billing, you can have an automated routing system. Big part of VoIP business, is to define termination carriers, termination codes and define witch destination will terminate through witch carrier.
Using FreeSWITCH and Cyneric VoIP billing, you will be able to define the routing for your operation. Each change, will be reflected in real time, in FreeSWITCH routing.
You can also define your LCR (Least cost routing). Defining each termination carrier, and the cost rate for each one, Cyneric billing will define per cost, through witch carrier send the call


  • FreeSWITCH receives the call to terminate
  • FreeSWITCH sends destination number to billing
  • Cyneric Billing match the best rate, for that particular destination
  • Billing returns the IP, and other information for termination carrier
  • FreeSWITCH sends the call to carrier
  • When call ends, billing rate the call

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Case study

Read about application uses with Cyneric VoIP Platform