Fully integrated FreeSWITCH billing platform for retail markets
Cyneric offers a Fully integrated voip billing solution customized to your business model.

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Automatic Telephone payment


Using FreeSWITCH and Cyneric VoIP billing, you can have an automated payment system. Your customer will be able to pay their invoices or add credit to their account just calling to the automated payment system.
The system will also authenticate the credit cards in real-time, with third party payment gateway. Automated payment can integrate with 50 different payment gateways (Verisign, authorize.net, 3com, etc)


  • Customer calls to access number
  • Payment system recognizes the ANI, to identify customer
  • System informs the amount due, in case of postpaid customer
  • System requests the amount to pay, in case of pre-paid customer
  • Customer enters the amount, and the payment method: credit card or baucher
  • System offer to pay with last credit card used, or to enter a new credit card
  • Payment system authenticates the transaction in real time, and inform the customer the result
  • When transaction is complete, system will insert a payment into the billing
  • System will log all process: calling, transaction ID, authorization code, payment number, etc

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Case study

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