Fully integrated FreeSWITCH billing platform for retail markets
Cyneric offers a Fully integrated voip billing solution customized to your business model.

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Call Shop Applications


Based on PIN Authentication, you can create calling card lots and distribute them through resellers or agents
If you have a Call Shop operation, with Cyneric and FreeSWITCH you can offer a complete solution to your Call Shop customers.
Each cabin will have a registered SIP device, and Call shop will be able to control the traffic, the cabins, operators, generate tickets.
This Tool will give you the strength to offer to your customer, a turn-key solution


  • Inside a Call Shop, each cabin will have a SIP device (phone or ATA)
  • Each device will register to FreeSWITCH server, running locally or remote
  • Cyneric Call Shop will be running in a local PC (inside Call Shop)
  • The operator, will be able to lock/unlock cabins, generate tickets, and charge customers
  • When customer enters a cabin, and generates a call, all the process will be replicated on Cyneric Main Servers
  • Operator, closes the cabin and generate the ticket for customer
  • Ticket will have call information, taxes, Call Shop name, etc
  • Call shop owner will be able to control operators, rate tables, sales, cabin utilization, etc
  • Call Shop software will run in parallel with Cyneric Billing
  • Operator will have information in real-time: Active calls, calls per cabin, locked/unlocked cabins

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Case study

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