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Calling Card Application


Based on PIN Authentication, you can create calling card lots and distribute them through resellers or agents
You can have different configurations for different markets, as you may want to reach specific market opportunity.


  • You define calling card Lot: rate table, first use fee, maintenance charges, rate tables, minute rounding, expiration, digits for the pin, quantity of cards, etc
  • You export to excel, and send to printer company
  • You activate the series of calling card you have on the street
  • Customer calls the access number, and enters the pin
  • Billing authenticate the pin, and asks for destination number
  • Customer enters destination number
  • Customer hung up, and FreeSWITCH will send accounting to billing
  • Billing check credit limit, if destination is authorized, and informs FreeSWITCH the call is accepted/rejected
  • FreeSWITCH connects the call with the carrier
  • Customer hung up, and FreeSWITCH will send accounting to billing
  • Billing will rate the call, and discount the credit on that card
  • After the pin is used, you can recharge the card…or just discard it
  • You can generate usage reports, top destinations, profit/loss reports, etc

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Case study

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