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You can offer a DID forwarding service to your customers, using Cyneric VoIP billing and FreeSWITCH. The customer pays for a number in a remote country, and this number has to ring on a predefined number by the customer. As an example, a person in US, pays for a number in Spain, where all their family or friends can call him, without paying long distance call. This Spain number, will ring on a cellular phone in US, defined by the customer.
According to the business model, customer will pay for the number (monthly), and for the call termination (inbound to his number)
Customer will also be able to change the ring number, using Cyneric Customer web portal.


  • Remote person calls to a number in Remote country
  • The DID is received on FreeSWITCH server
  • FreeSWITCH will send a request to billing, asking for destination number to send the call to
  • Billing authenticates the customer, and sends ring number to FreeSWITCH
  • FreeSWITCH will forward the call, and customer will pick up the call instantaneously
  • When the call is finished, FreeSWITCH will send accounting information to billing
  • Billing will make the discount for this calls, rate the calls, and make them available on web portal

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Case study

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