Fully integrated FreeSWITCH billing platform for retail markets
Cyneric offers a Fully integrated voip billing solution customized to your business model.

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FreeSWITCH & Cyneric

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Post-paid ANI Customers, with credit limit


Based on ANI recognition or PIN, you can have customers calling to your platform, and automatically be recognized by Cyneric Billing.


  • You define an access number for the customers to call
  • Customer calls the access number
  • Billing authenticate the ANI, and asks for destination number
  • Customer enters destination number
  • Billing check credit limit, if destination is authorized, and informs FreeSWITCH the call is accepted/rejected
  • FreeSWITCH connects the call with the carrier
  • Customer hung up, and FreeSWITCH will send accounting to billing
  • Billing will rate the call, and make it available to customer web portalg
  • You can have post-paid customers, with limited liability
  • With Cyneric Billing, you generate the invoice and send to customer (printed, email)

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Case study

Read about application uses with Cyneric VoIP Platform