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Web Callback


Web Callback is an add-on product, offered by Cyneric Voip Billing and FreeSWITCH. Cyneric Billing offers web portal for customers, in order for them to login, and check calls, invoice, payments, etc.
In top of this, you can add web callback ass-on. Customer will be able to login into the portal, define the destination number, and the number to be reached.
FreeSWITCH will receive this information, generate an outbound call to destination number, generate an outbound call to customer number, and conference them.
Your customer will be charged for this calls, and will have the option to call any destination, from anywhere.
If you imagine this configuration, accessing from a mobile phone, the possibilities are big. Your customer will have the option to be reached, from anywhere on the world


  • Customer logs in into web portal, from pc or mobile phone
  • Customer sets destination number, and number to be reached in
  • The requirement is sent to Cyneric Billing platform
  • Billing will authenticate the request: customer balance, destination authorize, etc
  • After authentication, billing will send a request to FreeSWITCH, to generate outbound calls
  • FreeSWITCH will connect the calls (to destination and to customer)
  • When the call is finished, FreeSWITCH will send accounting information to billing
  • Billing will make the discount for this calls, rate the calls, and make them available on web portalc

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Case study

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