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Web Voicemail


Web Voicemail is an add-on product, offered by Cyneric Voip Billing and FreeSWITCH. Cyneric Billing offers web portal for customers, in order for them to login, and check calls, invoice, payments, etc.
In top of this, you can add Voicemail as add-on. Customer will be able to login into the portal, and listen to his voicemail using the web.
When customer not available, FreeSWITCH will redirect the call to voicemail system. Cyneric Billing will sync this voice messages, and creates a real-time interface for the customer.
With this add-on, customer will be able to listen voice messages using the web, or any mobile phone with browser feature.


  • Caller calls to customer
  • FreeSWITCH determine customer is unavailable, and redirects to voice messages system
  • Cyneric Billing sync the messages
  • Web portal make messages accessible to customer
  • Customer logs in, hear the messages, and mark them as listened
  • Using FreeSWITCH features, customer will be able to define voicemail messages, rings to redirect calls, prompts, etc

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Case study

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