Fully integrated FreeSWITCH billing platform for retail markets
Cyneric offers a Fully integrated voip billing solution customized to your business model.

Voip Billing Platform

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FreeSWITCH & Cyneric

More than billing integration


Customer Authentication/Accounting

Asdterisk and Cyneric's Fully integrated platform ebables one-touch sip registrations. Benefits include:

  1. Define customers in real time: No need to define customer or access numbers in two different platforms. Defining the customer in cyneric billing, automatically defines the same client inside FreeSWITCH.
  2. Pre-paid Customers: calls arriving to FreeSWITCH, will be authenticated by Cyneric VoIP Billing. Authentication is done in real-time, checking all the customer parameters
  3. Post-paid customers: Ability to define post-paid clients with credit caps. When credit is reached call is automatically rejected.
  4. Accounting : All calls are processed by the Cyner CDR rate engine. Customer are able to pull CDR’s from the web portal.


Cyneric VoIP Platform enables automatic routing definition. Our user friendly interface enables you to perform routing functions with ease.

  1. Define routing per customer
  2. Define termination carriers to know your cost, and your profit
  3. Define alternative carriers per country code, with preferences
  4. Define Access numbers for customers, voice mail numbers, fax numbers, DID routing, call forwarding…all from one place

Voip Network – Quality of service

Cyneric quality control Software, is Fully integrated to FreeSWITCH applications. With this tool, you will able to control you traffic in real time.

  1. Real-time web based traffic monitor (ASR, ACD, PDD)
  2. Mobile enabled QoS tools
  3. Alert definition (email, sms)
  4. Volume, ASR, ACD Graphs


Calling Card Applications

Cyneric Calling Card module, can be Fully integrated with FreeSWITCH. From pin lot definition, to profits reports, the system will give you the flexibility you need

  1. Calling Card lot creation : pins, maintenance fee, first use charge, minute rounding, rate table, etc
  2. Templates with lot definition, to easily create more lots
  3. Reports with first usage, top destinations, traffic reports
  4. Profit & Loss report, carrier termination

Call Shop Applications

Using Cyneric Voip Billing and FreeSWITCH, you can have a complete solution for call shops.

  1. Cabin boot definition
  2. Real time operations
  3. Web interface to handle rate tables, cabins, tickets and more
  4. Reports per day, operator, carrier, cabin
  5. Profit and loss reports
  6. Different access levels, to manage permission for operators
  7. Remote login to control call shop operation



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